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Pembroke Strategy researches and devise campaign strategies to mobilise public support. 

Knowledge | Clarity | Action

What we offer


Opinion Research

We specialise in quantitative and qualitative opinion research. Before we act we ask and listen.


Digital Infrastrucutre

We offer a consulting service in digital infrastructure to ensure your campaign starts on the right setting.


Video Production

We make films that tell powerful stories. With over ten years' experience on commercial and electoral campaigns.


Data Analysis

Working with our academic and data science partners we offer a range of data analysis services.


Message development

Campaigns are won or lost on the strength of their message. We use our expertise to refine or innovate messages.

Call Centre

We operate an inbound and outbound call centre to support our research and campaign operations.


Reuptation managament

We help provide clarity and best practice in the complicated world of reputation managament. 


Social Media Engagement

We create and execute digital campaigns that mobilise public support for your cause, business or policy ask.


Campaign Materials

We offer a web and graphic design service to provide the creative content needed to spread your campaign's message.

our clients

Who we are here to help


We have a track record on election, selection, and one off issue campaigns.


We can support advocacy groups such as think tanks, charities, and lobby groups.

Public affairs

We support public affairs firms with research and message development.

Public Sector

We work with local authorites and NHS Trusts.


We work with small and large businesses to support client engagement campaigns.


We work with individuals with online reputation management.

Our Team

Alex Crowley

Strategic Director

Michael Hantman

Operations Director

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